"We used InnerView when building our home recently and already benefited from the great service they provide! During construction, after the home was already sheetrocked, we were unsure about certain beams & trusses and was able to find everything we needed in the clear, easy to navigate web portal and photos! The owner actually came down to our location to help us and we were blown away by the cutting edge technology and awesome customer service. We definitely would recommend InnerView to anyone building a home, building or any new construction project!"
-G Family
"Few people can appreciate the value of Innerview as much as a plumbing contractor can.. It's no wonder then that when we built our own we left nothing to chance. Every run of pipe, wire and ductwork, every joist, stud and nail is carefully documented and readily accessible on demand from anywhere. What a product! I recommend it for every one of my clients."
-Gluck Plumbing
"As someone in the construction industry for a number of years prior to the advent of Innerview, when I first heard about it, my thinking was – "big deal." As the old adage goes, "Spackle fixes everything". But after witnessing the Innerview process firsthand, my thinking has changed dramatically. Such a low-cost way of eliminating so much potential time, money, and heartache.; how could anybody not do it? Having easy access to virtually everything inside the walls and ceilings can prove invaluable even for simple, everyday things like adding lighting or making other modifications. Not to mention when things go wrong and one needs to take apart his house to find the issue. I highly recommend this for anyone building a house."
-True Power Electric
"From an electrician's perspective, Innerview is simply a "no brainer"! We, more than anyone else, know the headache of fishing around for a lost cable or a faulty line behind a closed wall. Innerview is like having x-ray vision, eliminating wasted worktime and costly wall repairs – not to mention heartache and frustration. A small step for technology – a giant step for innovation! We did it for our own home and urge anyone building a home do the same!"
-County Line Electric
“Our home AC system kept freezing up. Luckily for us, our builder had the foresight to invest in Innerview’s CPD service. Pulling up our Innerview photos, the builder simply followed the AC line, noticing how in one spot it ran right behind a paneled wall. With precision technology, he was able to cut in to the wall exactly where the problem was closing up the nail holes that were causing the issue!”
-Jay E.
“Radiant flooring is expensive. Innerview’s low cost CPD service was a no-brainer to ensure our piece of mind that every pipe and junction below the slab was done right – the first time!”
Brooklyn N.Y.
“The kitchen appliance installer was at the unfinished home today and noticed an outlet missing inside the cabinet for one of the appliances. Pulling up the Innerview CPD photos, he confirmed that indeed there was a buried outlet. CPD enabled the installer to do a quick fix with NO ripping out cabinets, NO reinstallations, and NO wasted time. Complications turned simple!”
-M. K.
Lakewood NJ
“I wish Innerview would have been around when I renovated my first home. When I installed my custom closets, they unknowingly drilled into a main sewer pipe that ran behind a bedroom wall. We suffered with backups and unexplained flooding. It took weeks until the source of the problem was discovered and much costly damage needed to be repaired. When my builder recommended Innerview Construction Photo Documentation for my new house, I was relieved!”
-N. F.
Monsey N.Y.
“As a contractor, I invest in Innerview photo documentation for every one of my projects. There are so many things that can go wrong in a home. Costly mistakes can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage. For the property owner, it is a tool that will continue to provide critical data throughout the life of the structure.”
New York, New York
"As an electrician specializing in custom homes, many needs arise after the houses are already finished. The work of the skilled professional photo documentation of Innerview makes accommodating changes actually a pleasure and not a pain at all. The pictures show clearly the entire inner workings of the house from every single angle, and provide the owners the power to customize their homes with peace and comfort of mind. It is well worth the investment and generally pays for itself in savings on future work."
-Binyomin Barkin
Powerhouse Electric and Security
"A must have for all new construction. We used Innerview to take pictures of our new home before we sheet rocked the walls. This was a go to everyday during construction to be able to trace back all rough and not have to open walls. These pictures saved us many hours of guessing and saved us a lot of money. A lifesaver in many ways!"
-S. Sherer