What is CPD?
Behind the smoothly sheetrocked walls of every home, office building or medical facility run numerous vital infrastructures including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, better known as MEP infrastructures for short. More importantly, hidden inside those walls are the critical studs and nails that make up the home’s frame itself. Once those walls are closed up, spackled and painted, these intricate networks of pipe, cable and ductwork go out of sight and out of mind.
Or so we hope.
we wish we had
x-ray vision
to see behind
those walls.
Most of us can think of countless instances where we wish we had x-ray vision to see behind those walls.

Faulty lines; shorted circuits; punctured pipes; buried wires, or a need for a new tie-in; ripping open an entire wall or more to find a junction box or a line break can be prohibitively expensive. For radiant heat lines or other under-slab runs, locating an issue can be even more difficult or costly, often resulting in a tear-up of the entire slab.
CPD is an inexpensive solution for capturing, filing and storing detailed imagery of all the critical infrastructures in a property from the pre-slab and framing right up to home entertainment cables, and everything in between.
Advanced technology in recent years has expanded CPD capabilities to provide easily-navigable, hi-res, 360 degree imagery for virtually every inch of a property’s critical infrastructure.
Who uses CPD?
Construction photo documentation is an invaluable tool for homeowners, contractors, architects and
virtually any party who shares a risk or liability in a construction project.