Your Most Valuable Asset
Your home is likely the most valuable asset you will purchase throughout your lifetime. But, chances are, your home was constructed by a collaboration of some 20 or even 30 different sub-contractors, many of whom you’ve never even met!

What happens if something goes wrong?
Will you or your contractor be willing or even able to determine who is at fault?

Once your home builder leaves the scene, you no longer have access to what’s going on behind your walls. Your home’s “as-built” infrastructure can be very different from the original blueprints.

When installing a closet shelving system, cabinetry, or finishing your attic or basement, ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure that none of these installers accidentally “hit” a pipe in the wall or other critical piece of your home’s MEP infrastructure.
Your home’s “as-built” infrastructure can be very different from the original blueprints.
Innerview CPD files provide you with detailed imagery and specs for every square foot of your property and remain easily accessible to you for the lifetime of your home.
When something goes wrong
When a problem arises such as a leak or a structural issue, your CPD files give you instant access to the home’s precise as-built structure, so you can locate the problem quickly and easily before incurring significant damage or unnecessary repair bills.
low cost
A low-cost solution for protecting your home’s value!
CPD is a low-cost solution to get “x-ray” vision of exactly what’s doing inside your walls and underneath your floor slabs.
CPD files are stored forever and remain an invaluable tool years after construction for the lifetime of your home. Should you ever want to add a new plumbing fixture or tie-in a new extension to your home entertainment system, your CPD files will show you exactly where to locate the water line or speaker wire with no need to rip open an entire wall.
For Future Renovations and Home Remodeling
Existing structures often vary from the original blueprint plans. With Innerview CPD, you’ll know the precise structural specs behind your existing walls before drawing up any plans for a home addition or remodeling project.
Simple things like installing a closet shelving system, a new kitchen or retrofitting a room have caused thousands of dollars in damages to homeowners by contractors unknowingly hitting a water line or sewage pipe. With CPD access, all it takes is a simple click to reassure that your contractor won’t be disturbing a critical MEP component inside your wall.
Renovations and remodeling may seem far off when you’re building your home.
But the only time to get your CPD imagery is now – during construction – before your walls are closed up!